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How to become a

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Applications of drones

About UAV Gold
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Drone Pilots earn up to 6-figure salaries! - How?

A brief introduction

Here you can visit our International Drone Sale, order professional Real Estate Drone Videos, obtain a Commercial Drone Pilot License and much more.  Continue reading:

The amazing prospects of drone technology are discussed, both for the present as well as future applications.  Already, drones are increasingly used in building construction, real estate appraisal, agriculture, delivery, mapping, search and rescue, sheep herding (see video) and so on…

In future, one can foresee the use of autonomous drones, in situations such warfare, the mapping of caves, both on earth and planets such as on Mars. Innumerable extra-terrestrial uses come to mind, and one is easily driven into the realm of science fiction. Drone related inventions are ideal base for many startup ventures.

Practical issues are presented, such as how to earn a commercial drone pilot license, how to find out the relevant drone laws and regulations for any country, how to design and build a drone, the latest news items, and so on …


Finally, we let you buy drones from around the world online, from inexpensive hobby drones to the more advanced units available. If you buy any of these, we will earn a small affiliate commission.



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Angry Birds Licensed RC Camera Drone FS


DJI - Phantom 3

2" Nano Drone - fly the bug!


Eclipse RC Racing Drone


Ghostbusters Stay Puft RC Camera Drone FS


Angry Birds Licensed RC Camera Drone


6-Axis RC Drone


Syma X5SC Explorers Camera RC Drone


Syma X12S 6-Axis Nano RC Drone

iDrone 20" Outdoor Photography Drone

Helicopter Drone

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