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Drone pilots can earn up to 6-figure salaries. How?

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Our recommendation (we are independent affiliates)

There are numerous sites providing drone pilot courses leading to official registration  of on-ground pilots.  Two major types of registration involves  earning the  Part 107 License (U.S.) and PfCO License (U.K.)  which are the basic credentials you need to work for money.  With most other training establishments you would have to earn these licences separately, one in th U.S., one other in U.K., still another in India.  At ABJ Drone Academy  you can get them in one place. Other than that, they provide a number of more advanced courses, and it is possible to take all of these by one single payment - a considerable saving.  In addition, there are options for online training, person-to-person training, specialist training, etc.  Finally, this establishment claims close association with the drone industry and their courses are designed to follow their latest requirements, which is a plus when applying for a position.

By obtaining the ABJ Academy Membership, it is possible to access all courses for 1 simple price.

Type of Courses 
Both online and In-person courses are available

Here you can learn to fly drones in real life situations before needing to risk investing or damaging expensive drone equipment. You can have Basic Training,   Drone Racing Simulator Basic and Advanced TrainingABJ Drone Simulator Bundle

2.  Primary Drone Training

These are for various special uses, such as surveying, videography, mapping, thermography, etc.


If you complete the online drone course successfully, you will receive a full certification of competency in that subject.