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Drone Laws in South Korea


Drone Laws and Regulations in South Korea


Notes worth reading:

As the UAV industry is booming with increasing number of applications worldwide, increasing numbers of drone pilots are entering the commercial side of this area especially for the sheer fascination as well as the high earnings potential. 

While the small hobby drones are freely allowed in most places,  the commercial UAV's are strictly regulated, for example by the TSA Drone Rules or the California Drone Laws in the USA.  At present, the use of commercial drones are not regulated internationally and most countries have their own rules which must be followed and these are strictly enforced to the point of loosing the drone, obtaining fines and even imprisonment, especially for drone near airport situations.

Regarding South Korea, the above notes are particularly relevant due to the political situation by the closeness to the secretive state of North Korea and the uncertainty of their approach to various aircraft, such as drones, so close to their borders.  It is therefore imperative, that you should possess the best internationally accepted drone pilot certifications if you intend flying your drone in the vicinity. 

We do recommend, that you should approach ABJ Drone Academy, being one of the highly regarded international training facility,  providing drone pilot courses leading to official registration  of on-ground pilots.  Two major types of registration involves  earning the  Part 107 License (U.S.) and PfCO License (U.K.)  which are the basic international credentials and ones you can also employ for earning money with drones. 

While there are other such institutes, ABJ closely cooperates with industrial users of drone-related technology and are able to help you getting a paid position in case this comes up in the future. In addition, there are options for online training, person-to-person training, specialist training, etc.