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How to become a commercial drone pilot and why?

Anyone can fly a small drone for hobby.  However, commercial use of drones for earning an income requires the registration of the drone pilot - the pilot on the ground rather than in the cockpit. This article attempts to answer questions on drone piloting, which are often asked, but seldom explained in any practical and satisfying way.

The present technical advances brought the use of UAV’s (drones) into sharp focus and there are exciting practical applications in our times of 2020 and beyond. The drone industry is one of the fastest growing industries at the moment and we are seeing 3% growth every week and it is quite possible to earn a 6-figure salary provided the pilot has the appropriate training, qualifications and experience, and is working within an area of commercial activity where high salaries are a norm.

First, let us consider some of the main types of commercial work for which drone pilots are employed.  






Now we turn to the necessary qualifications for obtaining well paid international jobs as Drone Pilots.                                                                                                                                                                              

The commercial use of drones for earning an income requires the registration of the drone pilot - the pilot directing this aerial craft from the ground.  Once you have decided to become a commercial drone pilot, the question is how to proceed. The issue is further complicated by the various types of licenses available depending on the countries.  There are internationally acknowledged certifications, such as Part 107 License (U.S.) and PfCO License (U.K.), NPNT (special license for India)

If you are interested in becoming a commercial drone pilot, I would suggest that it may be worth checking out some drone academies, where it may be possible to obtain these important documents locally or online. In particular, I suggest the following US institutes:

https://www.dronesgold.com/abj and https://www.dronesgold.com/dart, because these institutes provide the convenience of studying online in person, as well as by person-to-person training. They provide courses leading to all of the major certifications, as well as advanced courses and specialist courses for the various commercial applications mentioned before.  Most importantly, however, they are in close contact with Industries where they employ drone pilots, so that anyone obtaining the necessary certification would be in a strong position to apply for work.

Finally, why become a commercial drone pilot? -  There may be numerous answers to that, depending on the individual. In the opinion of many experts, commercial drone piloting has a very bright future and increasing number of applications.  For those willing to study and obtain one or more of the important worldwide certifications, the earning potential is great and earning a 6-figure salary is not out of the question for pilots who are qualified beyond the minimum necessary standards.  Without a question, We think that drone piloting is an exciting and rewarding career with innumerable future prospects

Mining Applications

Real Estate

Public Safety

Insurance Inspections

Agricultural Applications

Oil & Gas Refinery Inspections


Remote Army Intelligence

Geographic Mapping

Weather Forecast

Wildlife Monitoring

Drone Pilot Career

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