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New Inventions (Gadget Flow)

Example of successfully showcasing an invention on Gadget Flow

If you can suggest an improvement, modification, or have a new design relating to drones, then you may have a potentially important source of new revenue.  Drones are the new future technology in the making, with innumerable applications and potential.

If you are able to contribute to this technology, you must put your ideas in front of the people who matter. You need The Gadget Flow

About The Gadget Flow

 (New York-based curated e-commerce marketplace since 2012)

 One of the most acclaimed venue for putting the best new gadgets in front of the public, typically reaching 25 million people per month. In order to put your for sale items in front of this audience, you must join and pay a once-only fee. 

In the case of drones, anyone can gain daily access to your submitted gadget. As well, they regularly publish The Ultimate Drone Buying Guide, with your drone-related offerings on show.

Key Points according to The Gadget Flow

·        Since 2012 we worked with over 6,000 brands including DJI, Sony, Pioneer, HP and many others.

·        We reach 25,000,000 consumers/month

·        We generate 10,000,000 visits on our web platform per month.

·        We have 1,000,000+ Social Media followers

·        The average ROI is 3:1 - 15:1 



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