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Real Estate Videos

The above is an example of a professional video for the purpose of selling/buying a house. It is clear, and it shows off the immediate surroundings very well. It gives an outside as well as an inside view of the real estate.

 If it is important to have the best display of a well presented estate, nothing equals good professional work.


An example of a well-regarded professional team is dronevideos.com and it is the only such group represented in every USA state.

Their charges are not excessive. Currently, these are:  $250 for a single property and $350 for a single property including a view of the neighbourhood. There are a number of options.  To find out more click here:  Real Estate by Drones

Instead of highlighting a private dwelling, you can order a professional video of a Commercial Real Estate. A particular case is one where the size of the property makes it unsuitable for hand-held video production. The following is such an example:

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