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Student Reviews of DART

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“The drone training in BVI last week was carried out flawlessly. Colin kept the attention of the delegates from day one and addressed each of their needs individually according to their use of the drone i.e. search and rescue and mapping. He was professional, hardworking, patient and most of all flexible. He wasn’t at all fazed by change requests and was always willing to try to rearrange his schedule to suit our needs. He gained the trust and respect of the delegates and during the times I attended the sessions, the delegates continually asked questions which he was either able to answer or said he would find out, this was mostly in answer to questions of the cost of certain drones or accessories. It was particularly interesting for the delegates to try out the other drones which Colin had brought along which allowed for pictures to be relayed back to home posts and posted on Facebook. The delegates were provided with handouts plus Colin’s details which will no doubt be used many times in the future. Thank you for a professional and efficient service.” – British Consulate


“I took both the Basic Flight Training and Part 107 Test Prep courses over a weekend in Mahwah, NJ.  Both classes were enormously helpful.  Although I had already flown my drone a few times recreationally, I learned quite a bit in the flight training class, including the basics of flying without GPS, how to use intelligent modes, safety, etc.  The Part 107 course is great to do as a combination of in-person and online, because it’s an immense amount of material, and it took the course plus about a week of studying through the online course for me to feel comfortable with everything.  I had one particularly difficult question the day before I was scheduled to take the test, and when I sent it in an email to Dartdrones, I didn’t think I’d get an answer in time.  Two hours later, I had a detailed explanation for the question that was confusing me.  That’s pretty amazing service.  I took my test after a week, and passed with a 97% (58 out of 60, and I would have never come close to that without the 107 course).  The practice exams were priceless, as they were very accurate and relevant to the questions on the actual test.  I can’t recommend DARTdrones highly enough!” – Jeff Muschar


“The class was spot on with our expectations. Roger did a great job presenting these classes. The training materials and training aids were a great addition as well. We plan to work with DARTdrones again in the future.” – Chief Stewart


“The AUVSI TOP Operator Level 2 class by DARTdrones was excellent for accessing an individual’s knowledge and preparedness for operating a sUAS. Another excellent part of the class covered UA flight operations safety and operational knowledge accessing one’s UA flight ability under different circumstances. The class instructor, Colin Romberger, was very knowledgable and conducted the class with professional expertise and friendliness. I would recommend the class to anyone wishing to further their career in being a professional UAS Remote Pilot.” – Jonny


“Fantastic course. Perfect amount of time spent in classroom and outside with the hands-on learning. Instructor was very knowledgeable and explained everything very well, the short videos were a great complement to the slides.” – Elaine


“Thank you DARTdrones! I passed the Part 107 test today on my first try. I took the in person Prep class a week ago in Lakewood Colorado. The additional online prep access is great also.” – Chad


“Very informative class. Our instructor (Karl Schwab) is very knowledgeable and personable. He has many relevant (sometimes funny) stories from his many years of experience. Well worth the cost.” – Brian


“Karl was a GREAT instructor and very personable and relatable. Highly recommended!” – James


“The class went great. Colin was a great instructor and did an incredible job teaching the class. Throughout both days he effectively taught all of the information and kept the entire class involved. The power points and booklets on top of in depth description from the instructor create a great learning environment. I went into the class knowing nothing about drones and having never flown one to walking out of the class on Sunday with quality knowledge and a new interest. I want to thank you and DARTdrones for giving me this amazing opportunity and experience.” – Charles


“I took drone flight training and FAA Part 107 Test Prep on a weekend in mid-December. I took my Part 107 test 2 weeks later and passed with a score of 97! So, yeah DARTdrones WORKS!!! Totally worth it!!!” – Herb


“I have been in the drone industry for a long time, but didn’t know how much effort I’d have to put in to get Part 107 certified. I didn’t use any other materials apart from the DARTdrones online course. The information was clear and concise and proved to be all that was needed to pass on the first try!” – Randall of FLIR Systems


“I highly recommend Dart Drones for training & other services. They are excellent & wonderful people to deal with. I did the Professional Pilots training, Wings, Top Operators, & many other courses. They also helped my company the night wavier from the FAA today & are writing up a procedures & policy manual for us. Looking forward to doing their next training. A great organization.” – Kent


“I took the class not knowing what to expect. It was one of the best classes ever and the instructor Karl Schwab is a great teacher. I look forward to attending more sessions it was a great experience.” – Andres


“Highly recommend DARTdrones and part 107 test prep. Josh was super friendly and knowledgeable, course training is geared to all levels of drone piloting. Part 107 test prep material was well arranged for ease of learning and retaining the information.” – Phil


“This is a very worth while course. Dart Drones has a very knowledgeable staff that can help make sense of what seems to be a very overwhelming amount of information. Great program great people!” – Jeff


“I was shocked, that there is so much critical information involved in this process that I was unaware of. I feel that had I not taken this course I would have wasted a valuable resource. I also now feel much more confident about furthering my education in the drone industry.” – Gregory


“I enjoyed learning to fly a DJI Drone, and due to excellent instruction, was comfortable in several of the special features of the firmware. This course was encouraging to me as I prepare to become a Commercial Drone Pilot.” – Bob


“Highly recommend DARTdrones. I have never flown a drone and I feel like a pro after 8hrs of training, thanks to Flight Instructor Jim O’Keefe.” – Randolph


“Just finished my two day weekend of classes with Dart Drones. This was an incredible experience. Day one was the basic flight training class. I got to fly multiple styles of drones and felt my confidence growing with the more time I spent with the instructor. I learn the basic of drone flight and what regulations I need to be aware of to have a safe flight.

Day two was a intensive preparation class for the part 107 test. This was full of information that was broken down to were I could understand it. From how to read charts and get weather reports to who and when I need to talk to and get permission from to have safe missions.

I highly recommend Dart Drones to help you get into the fast growing industry. I am ready to log some flight time and when I am ready, I will return for roof inspection and aerial mapping classes.

Thank you Karl and Dart Drones for your patience and your knowledge.” – David


“My FD counterpart and I both attended the Part 107 preparation class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and thorough. We both took the FAA test this past week with passing scores. We agreed the class made a big difference in preparing us for this. A++” – Derek


“I just wanted to say, “thanks.”  – I passed the FAA exam (90 percent) – your program was great.” – Chris


“I just passed my Part 107 test at Fullerton (CA) Airport.  Thanks for all your work and professionalism.  You guys are awesome! Bob Wess the best trainer ever.  He was the best!” – Ross


“Wonderful and informative! The instructor was very helpful and engaging – so much so that he’s the first person I would recommend for starter courses on UAS!” – James


“It was a delight to take this course! The hands-on training mixed with part 107 test prep got me feeling the confidence I need to fly and take the test. Bob Wess was a great teacher and made sure to communicate and challenge his class.” – Zade