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Splash Drones and Drones for Fishing

These are completely waterproof and weather-proof drones.  They are expensive, but can do what no other drone can.  In case you buy one through our site, you will get a discount of 2% from their advertised price + they will deliver throughout the world free of charge .

Main uses:

1.  Take pictures far out over water as they can settle down on water

2.  Search and Rescue

3.  Fishing

Having the ability to fly in all weather coupled with a 4K camera, make the swell pro the perfect drone for inspection and Search & Rescue activities.

Here, having an IP67 waterproof rating means that you can fly when it is raining which is vital for search and rescue, and some inspection operations. You also have the option of adding a payload release mechanism to carry and release up to 1Kg of equipment such as a self-inflating life vest.

Splash Drone 3, Fishing edition

Splash Drone 3 Auto

Splash Drone Accessories

2-axis gimbal

s3-fpv goggles

drone power

3-axis gimbal

payload release with stabilisation

payload release mechanism

fishing rig

waterproof motor

all-in-one remote controller